Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Bois d'Arc

squirrel with osage orange

In August, the fruit of the bois d'arc tree falls, giving rise to great joy among squirrels. The fruit, called an Osage Orange (or horseapple), is edible for people with a bit of work, but only squirrels really eat them now.

Some time ago, I got a photo scanner which scans to an SD card. I had left it boxed, until the day I could sit down with family photos and save them. But tonight I took an old photo of my 17 year old niece, scanned it, and posted it on her facebook as a Throw Back Thursday. I was really pleased with how well it scanned. I am eager to scan old pictures in.

I got a nice note from someone who wants to use my song in his computer game.
I was pleased to be able to say "it's fine and free".

Work tomorrow will be busy,but I am ready for action. After all, I walked my dog today. I just wish I had noticed the label said "microwave kettle corn", when I like it very salty, not sweet.

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