Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

birthday visit to Arkansas

Friday my brother picked me up at 6:45 a.m. He drove my nephew and me to Camden Arkansas. There we linked up with my sister, her husband and my niece, all from Alabama, to attend my father's 80th birthday.

We ate birthday cake, drank pineapple juice, and had a nice visit.I'm delighted my father is 80. His health has been imperfect, so I hope very muvh for many happy returns. We lost my mother 8 years ago,but my father has kept his life vital and alive.

My brother drove us back that afternoon. It was good to talk to my brother and nephew during the drive down. My brother has been restoring a kitcar replica of a Jaguar SS 100, and it's interesting to hear about the challenges.

On our way back, we stopped for dinner in Mount Pleasant. My brother originally wanted us to stop at Western Sizzling, where we could get a buffet-type meal. But that restaurant was closed, and so was its successor, a steak house. We instead went to Pete's Pizza. I had read of this place before, a curious authentic New York pizza place in rural Texas. The hand-thrown pizza looked great, but we opted for reasons of speed to go with BBQ sandwiches. They were served on bakery-style bread. The BBQ was "simmered in", northern style, rather than done in hickory southern style, My sandwich was great, and we all agreed that next time we'll try the pizza.

Friday evening I fell asleep super early. I think I am still recovering from the red-eye flight back from Portland, OR on Tuesday night.

Saturday morning I took Beatrice for a walk. We met a nice long-haired dog about the size of a chihuahua. Bea growled a bit when the other dog was a mite too aggressive in investigating Bea. I petted the little dog and we headed on. I got a great photo during the walk of two barn swallows.

I went to Spring Creek Nature Area in Richardson for a late morning walk. I heard lots of Carolina chickadee and tufted titmouse. I took a picture of a helianthus, a species of sunflower. I think it was maximillian but I am not good with my wildflowers.

I had pho at a Vietnamese place in Plano. Then I went to Limestone Quarry Park in Richardson. I usually see kingbirds and other open land birds here along the sidewalk "trail", but today I saw only a mockingbird. The temperature broke 100 degrees.

I came home at 2 and was trying to locate a Miyazaki film to rent on my pengpod. I was not finding what I wanted, when I fell asleep. I awoke at 6, just in time to go to the movies.

Last night my wife and I went to see Star Trek 2: Into Darkness at the Plano 10 Movies. By waiting until the film reached the dollar cinema, we cut the admission price from 16 dollars for 2 to 4 dollars and 50 cents for two. We liked the movie. My observations, though, are that this sequel to a 2009 film should have been made in 2010 and 2011, and that too much time and budget were spent on fx that do not add much to the movie. I was pleased to see, though, that despite a 190 million dollar budget, the film has grossed over 450 million. I hope this means they will make another soon.

We dined last night at Silver Thai. I had chicken and vegetables stir-fried in oyster garlic sauce.

August is here--it never truly cooled down last night. This heat will last, barring a stray rain shower or "cold" front, until Labor Day weekend. Then great weather usually resumes.

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