Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flying duck, sitting ducks

An hour's walk along the Trinity Trail, the first
greens and flowers poking out among the vast prairie and scraggle/woods browns and yellows.
A duck flies along Lake Lavon, a few feet above water--why do I try to take distance shots of ducks and butterflies, beyond the limit of my art (i.e., beyond the range of my throwaway camera)?
The paper features a story on the S X SW music conference in Austin...the would-be famous
disappointed because the "experts" listen to
their CDs for 40 seconds, then rip them out and
savage them...a sad unnecessary dynamic..."make me a star"....I think the sum total of happiness in the suburbs would increase if we taught everyone that (a) both genders can and should do math and (b) in an age of excellent consumer technology,
you don't need a savior machine to lift you off the water; until you break that thinking, you're a sitting duck....
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