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eight tenths

I rented the Cameron Crowe movie "Elizabethtown" on my tablet. In its time, the film was noted for its similarity to Zach Braff's "Garden State", a film with a much smaller budget. I liked the film very well--I had seen fractions of it on cable, and was pleased to see the whole movie.My little pengpod works well for such movie rentals.

I was pleased at Weight Watchers to find that I had lost .8 pounds, notwithstanding the vacation.This brings me to 5.4 pounds lost since I began again one month ago. I drove to my office to pick up some papers I need for work. I had lunch at a Panda Express. Then I got a haircut at the franchise haircut place at Alma and Hedgecox.

In the late afternoon I walked from my house to Green Park and back. I saw mockingbirds, blue jays, barn swallows, and grackles. We ate cheese ravioli for dinner.

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