Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

shhh it's a secret

I was up until two a.m. finishing a song for ccMixter's quarterly Secret Mixter event. In this event,I am assigned someone to remix, secret Santa style. I will upload it Sunday. I was glad to get the song done. It sounds a little weird, but so do I.

I've been thinking about installing Peppermint Linux O/S on a USB, to give me access to the Ubuntu repository when I am on my Windows laptop. I use Porteus Linux now, and its access to the slackware repository does not give me as many software choices to use . Meanwhile, my Windows desktop, my last XP machine, is in crisis. I have to use system restore to keep it running. The day is not far off when I lack an XP machine. I need to learn Linux music software like Seq24 soon.
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