Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

translating and reading

Last night I listened to the Phillip Wilkerson interview for my Graham Wafercast cloudcast. He did a good job, fitting the content into a spare 10 minutes. If I can keep my intro and extro to 5 minutes,we'll have a fine 15 minute episode 5.

I am over halfway through the short fantasy novel I am reading, Chris F.Holm's "The Wrong Goodbye". It's got one of those pulp first-person narrators, like early Robert Heinlein or almost all Raymond Chandler. That style is always a quicker read for me.

Some folks think that a lawyer representing a guilty person is immoral. I do not think that. I find immoral a lawyer providing slanted, crowd-pandering color commentary about trials,especially when the commentary is circular, repetitive and self-promoting. Talk about circles of hell.

I am thankful today for computer translation software, which lets me imperfectly understand at least 3/4 of what someone writes. It's funny how some languages, like Dutch, translate so idiomatically, while others, like
Russian or Turkish, translate very obscurely. I wonder if this is a function of language similarity or of the way the software works.

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