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rainy days never get me down

Sunday a rainstorm arrived. This was welcome relief from our heat and drought. The temperature fell into the 70s.

I went to church at Suncreek UMC,where their new pastor gave a good sermon.
When I was a kid,I belonged to a small town church. The preacher left every few years, in the Methodist way. In the city, preachers seem a bit less mobile. I think that both mobile-preacher and non-mobile-preacher have their
good points as approaches, but I suspect mobile is healthier.

I rode my bicycle around 6 yesterday. I took a new route, first heading to Green Park and then riding to Dayspring Nature Preserve on Comanche street
before heading down the Watters Creek Trail. I saw lots of rabbits and the common backyard birds.

Last night I watched a film about the Dalai Lama on hulu, watched Endeavor on PBS, and read a book. I had a great chat with my dad, who is felling better after a rough patch. Today I hope to get a lot done at work.

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