Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

turtles and house finches and bah mee

This morning I rose early. I took Beatrice for a morning walk in the park. We saw turtles.

After watching videos and checking social media, I got out of the house again at 11 a.m. My wife had left first thing in the morning for a hair appointment.

I wanted to stay near my house and yet get some exercise. I walked over to the Watters Creek Trail. This sidewalk trail runs along Watters Branch, a tributary of Rowlett Creek, itself a tributary of the Trinity River's East Fork. On my walk I saw mockingbirds, blue jays,
grackles, mourning doves, and western kingbirds. I heard blue jays and Carolina chickadees. I saw helianthus in bloom.

Healianthus,Watters Creek

I walked for two hours. I passed Dayspring Nature Preserve. I had passed this 10 acre tract before by bicycle but never knew that was where I was. It was a nice park, less wild than pleasantly semi-natural.

I walked to Thai Pan for lunch. I had rice wafers, summer rolls, and chicken with vegetables stir fried in oyster garlic sauce. Then I walked to little Green Park. I saw lots of birds here--house finches,

Female house finch july 6 2013 green park

a small hawk, blue jays, mockingbirds, and what I believe was a common nighthawk (a rather rare mid-day sighting for me, though not a rare dusk bird). Then I walked down Comanche Drive to Glendover Park, where I saw mockingbirds and western kingbirds. One kingbird was on her nest.

I returned home near 2 p.m. I finished mixing a cloudcast interview for my Graham Wafercast and posted it at Mixcloud. It was easy to mix this interview, which required only an intro and an extro. I am slowly teaching myself Audacity. I love the simplicity of Pulse Caster. I am all for simple single-purpose apps.

My wife arrived home at 5 p.m. from shopping. We went to Silver Thai restaurant. I ordered a spicy bahmee soup. I learned later that bahmee is a noodle, rather than, as I had guessed a spice.

Now I am sitting watching an old episde of Doc Martin and typing this post.

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