Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

independence day 2013

Last night one of the two podcast interviews with me got posted here:

I really liked the host, Ryno, who shares my love of Creative Commons and shared culture.

My brother came over first thing this morning to show me the convertible faux Jaguar he is restoring. My father had it in storage for years, but my brother got it working in a couple of days. He gave me a ride in this cool car with the top down. It has a Toyota Carolla engine and a fiberglass body and looks like a 1939 car.

I dined on oatmeal at McDonald's this morning. Then I drove up to Sherman, 35 miles north. I went to Herman Baker Park. Herman Baker Park has a lovely little lake called Pickens Lake, surrounded by reasonably deep woods. I saw bluebirds, purple martins, red-bellied and downy woodpeckers, blue jays, mockingbirds, cardinals, Carolina chickadees, and red-eared slider turtles.

I was just thinking how the trail and the cool/warm temperature made me think I would run into a copperhead snake, whom I looked forward to photographing
with my zoom lens though not to come near (due to a copperhead being venomous).
I did not see a copperhead, though--I saw this lovely little rough green snake:

rough green snake

I took a lot of pictures of this placid snake and then made sure it got off the trail safely. Some folks are not kind to snakes.

I drove my wife down to On the Border on 15th Street in Plano to get her car.
Her workmates took her out for dinner last night for a belated celebration of her May birthday. I picked up my wife and a woman with whom she works, to ensure that nobody was drinking and driving.

We had lunch at Potbelly sandwich shop. We spent our afternoon at the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy movie "The Heat". The movie had lots of laughs in it, but felt a bit patchwork to me, the way some B movies used to be.

We went for an early dinner at Season 52, where the food was tasty and healthy.
We had edamame with green tea salt. I had a wonderful roasted tomato soup,
a grilled trout, fingerling potatoes and cooked carrots. Everything was prepared to be healthy and low-fat. We liked it very much.

I got an e-mail which already gives me my new assignments for postal chess this time. I faced one opponent in the last tournament. We each won one of our two games. I am looking forward to playing.

A fellow featured my track "Memory" on this cloudcast at

I like to hear my simple melodies mixed into a melange with more complex works.

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