Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mega-center at 7.30 a.m.

2 western kingbirds

I won the last game in my postal chess tournament. I was a pawn up in a rook and pawn ending, and things looked pretty inevitable, so he resigned. This upped my record for this tournament to 2 1/2-3 1/2--not a grand result, but perfectly honorable. I want to enter another tournament soon.

For some months, I've been reading Peter F. Hamilton's "Great North Road" on my e-reader. My pace been measured, though I quite like the book. Lately, though I wake up in the wee hours of the morning,and then read to fall back asleep. I make a lot of progress this way, and it's enjoyable. I also have Cloud Atlas going in hard copy, a few pages at a time.

We met with our Fidelity rep late yesterday afternoon. She is very capable. We felt we are in good hands.

We met our friends Scott and Donna at a Turkish restaurant last night. I had a vegetarian casserole. It was quite good. Then we went to a movie sponsored by WOW [Women Organizing Women] Democrats of Collin County. They are a good group. The movie last night was "The Invisible War", the movie about the problem of sexual assault in the military.The movie was galvanizing. Something must be done.

This morning in left the house at 6.45 in the morning. I drove to the new Garland Mega-Center for drivers' license. It was time to renew my license, and I was required (as I suspect all over 50s are)to renew in person. I passed the eye test with my corrective lens

When I misplaced my license 2 years ago, I had to wait in line in Plano for 4+ hours. That kind of wait is very un-Dallas, and exemplifies a state government more obsessed with fringe positions on social issues than with the kind of "can do" that is north Texas. I was thrilled, though, that the mega-center took only 30 minutes to process me. My faith in Texas DMV was restored.

Tonight I went to Bob Woodruff Park, where eastern and western kingbirds flew. The westerns at one tree were not aggressive, but they were not welcoming. Westerns and easterns can be a bit territorial.

We ate tonight at Silver Thai, where I had a healthy chicken stir fry. It was 100 degrees today, but I do not mind.

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