Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

muddy creek cardinal

Northern Cardinal, Muddy Creek Preserve, June 26, 2013

During lunch yesterday I walked at Muddy Creek Preserve in Sachse. This place features a simple, easy sidewalk through some pretty cool woodlands near a creek.

I feel badly for my wife's aunt, with whom we visited just a few weeks ago in Kansas City.
She fell, and has had a rough time of it. I hope she gets better soon. It's never easy to be injured in one's 80s.

Last night I watched the movie "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World". a movie quietly amusing and quietly dark. The camera remains quite kind to Keira Knightly, who seems to have been born to be an actress. I looked up the wikpedia entry for the movie, and saw it cost 10 million dollars to make but brought in a little less than 10 million dollars in box office. End of the world movies are perhaps decent metaphors for the end of each person's individual world,but I'm never as interested in these apocalyptic prophecies as I am in peoples' non-apocalyptic stories.

Soon I have to go get my driver's license renewed. The last time I went, they had lines for hours. Now they supposedly have a new express center. We'll see if it works that way i.e., expressly.

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