Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

filibuster and weekly meetings

Bluebird 320

The weather turned Texas-hot this week. The internet is abuzz with the admirable defiant filibuster by state senator Wendy Davis of constitutionally-unsound legislation being pushed through the Texas legislature. I hope that this flurry of interest will morph into people showing up to vote on election day.

My young friend called last night. He made it up to New York in good shape,and is now living in a place even more rural (and definitely with more trees) than the small Texas town he lived in. I was glad to hear he is doing well.

I think I will return to Weight Watchers. My weight, down early last year to almost too low,
shot up by early this year to much too high. Though I am now losing weight, I like the regimen of the weekly Weight Watchers meeting. I had resisted going back, as it curtails my Sunday afternoons a bit, but this Sunday or so is the right time to return.

I sign off now, though,to take Beatrice for a morning walk before the heat comes up.

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