Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

daily driver

Since I installed Fedora 18 on my 53 dollar eBay used laptop on February 3, it's been my daily driver. I like the 12-inch-screen, and the way the operating system works. I rarely log into my Windows desktop computer.

The eBay computer has lower specs than more modern computers. It's a bit more like a revved-up netbook than a full fledged laptop. Its hard drive is only 60GB. I remember when computers came with tape drives with clunky little cassette tapes. So I know once upon a time 60 GB was a lot. But nowadays things are measured in terabytes.

Yesterday I was downloading a photo of pumpkins onto my hard drive, when it pronounced itself full. I was intrigued. I did not think I had nearly enough media to hold 60 GB. I spent some time trying to figure out what had happened. I downloaded a file storage graphical utility. Then I looked at my hard drive in little diagrammatic form. It turned out that my "robert" home directory had only 17 GB assigned to it. The other GB were assigned to a different directory. I believe that when I installed Fedora, the installer (Anaconda, if I recall) suggested I assign it 35 GB of space. Because I am using Fedora in the lightweight LXDE, I am using far less. I may try to figure out how to re-balance the disk. For now, though,I am just cleaning up extra junk.

For example, I download lots of Creative Commons music from netlabels, as well as pay-what-you-will music from I have the bad habit of downloading the zip file, extracting the zip file, and then leaving the now-redundant zip file in the system. Deleting excess zip files of this nature has allowed me to reclaim 2 GB so far. I will use simple manual solutions before worrying with more complicated ones.

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