Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Arrowhead state park

I woke up early and drove to Canadian, Oklahoma. I passed a white miniature horse standing to the side of the road. A policeman parked nearby kept an eye on the horse as a matter of public safety.

I arrived at 8:10 or so. My friend Gene was already there. Gene drove down from his home in the northwest Arkansas Ozarks.

We were at Arrowhead State Park, in the cross-timbers forest, on Lake Eufaula, a huge lake.
The fellow behind the desk in the ranger's station warned us about venomous snakes, but we grew up in south Arkansas and already keep a watchful eye for them.

We walked a wooded trail for perhaps half a mile, and then walked on the road for 4 and 1/2 miles. We enjoyed our chat. I have known Gene since I was 20 or so. We did not worry about getting anywhere on our walk. At one point, a man in a truck stopped to ask us where we were going. We realized later that he mistakenly believed we were AWOL from the Narconon drug rehab facility within the park. Gene and I talked about a lost friend, news of the day,and all and sundry.

We saw a doe and her fawn cross the road not far in front of us. We saw scissor-tailed flycatchers, great blue herons, western kingbirds, eastern kingbirds, crows, turkey vultures, bluebirds, cardinals, and lots of flowers.

We went into McAlester, a nice town with an historic downtown, for lunch. We ate at the Meeting Place, which looked like it had transported to our time from 1972 or so, and in particular from a Lions Club around that era. The french dip sandwich was excellent.

We then parted company. On the two hour forty five minute drive south, I stopped at Atoka Lake. It was pleasant enough, but without great park facilities. As I slowly drove out of the park, though, I saw this roadrunner:

roadrunner at atoka lake 6 22 13

I did not get a great picture of it among the few I took, but I got a great look at it. I also got a picture of a singing dickcissel, that bird rare except in the grasslands, and common in the grasslands.

I stopped at the Amish store in Atoka and bought elderberry jelly and three berry jam.

I stopped by Loy Lake Park in Denison. There I got several images of an eastern bluebird.
I drove on home.

We went to dinner at Wasabi for sushi. Then we had a yogurt at the Velvet Spoon. I just finished using all my credit card reward miles on plane fare for our vacation next month.
I worked for years to stockpile those points, so it was hard to press 'enter'.

Tomorrow is another weekend day.

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