Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

gadget talk

I'm in one of those consumerist recycle moods, when I want to sell less-used used gadgets so that I can buy a new gadget. The prices on personal computers lately has been amazingly low, as competition from tablets and smart phones puts pressure on the computers to be much more competitive. My little single-core linux machine is just fine, but it is single-core. Rendering video is a hassle. A new ZaReason with really fast CPU would help with that. But I have so many gadgets already. I think I'll hold off, for now, unless
I raise the money for the new gadget by clearing out the old gadgets.

I saw an article on tablet v. computer that said the average tablet costs $ 300. I am glad nobody told that to my pengpod tablet, which performs like a champ despite a $ 110 price tag (another $ 14 got me a little keyboard case, which is more fun than a touch screen).

If I had more gumption, I'd design and sell a Linux machine using one of those embedded CPU chips attached to last-year's-tech graphics in a 12" screen for a song, but that sounds too much like lots of work to
sort that out rather than fun so I'll daydream instead.

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