Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

heat wave

Yesterday after church I walked in Bob Woodruff Park. This park in Plano has a small pond circled by a sidewalk. I saw a blue jay guard its nest,
several swallows flit about here and there, and a western kingbird on a bare tree limb.

The news last night talked about the drought, and about how a huge heat wave is coming. Just last year we rained our way out of drought conditions,but now we are back in drought weather. We will water less, and
learn to adjust to the heat.

I'm watching a nature documentary about the ocean on my tablet computer.
I liked learning that the trumpet fish and the clown fish travel in pairs.
Animal symbiosis intrigues me.

This morning I threw the little stuffed rabbit for Beatrice. I am delighted that at the age of ~ 13, she still loves to play. Last night my wife gave Bea her favorite treat--she squirted the garden hose on "jet stream" so that Beatrice could chase the stream. Beatrice loves this game, and barks with delight.

I was pleased that the first day of my cloudcast drew 20 listeners. Podcasts tend to have small audiences, and tend to grow slowly, from my research. In the past, I abandoned a music cast after 2 episodes because
the work involved in putting it together was more than the few dozen or so listeners each 'cast received. This new venture will be by design very quick and easy to put together, and I plan to run it for a while to see if it grows an audience.

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