Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a first few thoughts about sharing

This afternoon I decided to start my new podcast. I recorded it using the Linux program Pulsecaster, and then edited it in Audacity. So far, I've just uploaded it to Mixcloud. Mixcloud is not an "open source" place, but
it does offer simple hosting that can be reached from any website.

I meant to go 25.5 minutes,because that is the average length of an American commute. I went over that a bit. Next time, I think that I'll just go 15 minutes or so. We'll see. I played with adding soundtracks, but ultimately, I decided to leave it as simple talk. Next time I will sort out the modest feedback sound in the background.

If you'd like to listen, here is my little podcast about sharing, linux, Creative Commons, and other musings:

"Graham Wafer, Episode 1"

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