Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

eastern kingbirds and greta

Yesterday after work I stopped by Bob Woodruff Park in Plano. This park has a nice pond, a huge open swatch of grass, and a long side-walked path through a woodland. I stationed myself in the grasslands, where a diverse assortment of birds fed on insects. Here's an eastern kingbird:

eastern kingbird at bob woodruff park on june 7 2013

I like that eastern kingbirds are dark with a light breast, while western kingbirds are blue-gray with a very yellow breast. It all goes to show that similarities are masked by superficial differences.

We went to Silver Thai restaurant here in Allen for dinner. It is one of the most comfortable places--huge semi-circular booths in dark but not too dark conditions, smoothly air-conditioned with chill electronica music lightly playing in the background. I had a big bowl seafood noodle soup, while my wife had "garden chicken hold the chicken".

I woke at 4 a.m. I found my wife was also awake, as she is getting over a cold that started with me.
I turned on the television and watched Greta Gerwig in the movie "Lola Versus". I wonder how many independent films have been made about twenty-somethings seeking romance in the New York City metro area in which at least one character is in a band and another character acts. I feel the dental assistants,
veterinary assistants and retail assistant managers in New Jersey and Vermont should start an advocacy group for equal time. Still, Greta Gerwig is one of those actresses who seems to belong in movies, making the film a good watch. I looked up the movie on-line and found that it grossed $ 250,000, which is, perhaps, the combined movie-revenue from an audience comprised of twenty-somethings seeking romance in the New York City metro area in which at least one character is in a band and another character acts. It must be hard to do all the fund-raising and labor to do a movie, and then few people go to see it.

I think, by the way, that mumblecore has its promise as a genre because it offers the chance to return to less expensive film-making, but its horizons need to broaden. I like the idea of an African-model film system, with lots of productions made on very shoe string budgets.I like a good special effect as much as anyone, but we could be better served by the film industry if story won out over budget.

Today I plan to get a lot done, without going anywhere or doing anything.

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