Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dimensions by boat

Last night I watched the old movie "Between Two Worlds" which is a remake of "Homeward Bound". I like movies about the afterlife, and in particular about the first moments in the afterlife.
I never read those books like "heaven is real" because I imagine they are full of cotton candy, glowing figures and shimmering. I like different ideas of what might be. Edmund Gwenn was great in a beardless, non-Santa role, very Twilight Zone-ish. He had such a varied career--chosen by the author to star in a George Bernard Shaw play, but also starring in 50s sci-fi films like "Them!". George Tobias from "Bewitched" shows up in one of those everyman comic roles he seemed to always play. Paul Henreid is suitably benevolent and exotic.

I'm nearly over my cold. My ouya games console arrived but I have not set it up. I am waiting for the next move, a pawn up, in a rook and pawn ending in my last postal chess game. I saw kingbirds and scissor-tailed flycatchers competing for space on very small trees at the park.
My wife had some folks come trim our back yard trees.
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