Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the noseks and mr. blythe

I read Randy Blythe's open letter regarding his manslaughter trial in the death of Daniel Nosek. Randy Blythe plays with a metal band called Lamb of God. Daniel Nosek was a fan
who died after falling after getting up on stage with the band. The issue was whether Randy Blythe had committed manslaughter (a lesser offense than murder) in how Mr. Nosek was taken from the stage on to his tragic demise.

I have been following this story because I was impressed with Mr. Blythe's story. Rather than bewailing the unjust gods and fleeing extradition, he promised to appear for trial. He issued statements that he had lost a child to death himself, and he does not blame the parents for seeking the truth. He won the trial. Rather than taking a victory dance after he was acquitted, he drafted a thoughtful letter in which he praised the Nosek family and again accepted his duty to assist them in their search for truth and closure.He particularly noted that the Nosek family did not seek to vilify him in the press, but allowed the legal system to determine the matter.

There is still civil litigation to go, and it is possible that Mr. Blythe could yet be held civilly liable. That is a matter of Czech law over my head, and, I would guess, a much closer question. It has been very refreshing, though, to see this celebrity act like a grown-up, appear for his trial, and show some humanity. The death of Daniel Nosek is very tragic. I think that bands should use every effort to restrain the dangers that excessive fan exuberance at rock concerts can cause. I think that this is a case in which though I agree that it sounds like Mr. Blythe is innocent of a crime,I also agree that the Nosek family was right to push for a trial to seek the truth. This is the way adults act in difficult circumstances. I think that the Nosek family and Randy Blythe have something to teach in this time and place.

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