Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hanham revisited

The last two USCF on-line postal chess games proceed forward. I have a record of 1 1/2 points out of 4 so far. One of the two remaining games is clearly lost, and I am playing on
to see if I get a break. In the other game I am a pawn up in a rook and pawn endgame. I have some winning chances, a lot of drawing chances, and some losing chances. We'll see in the next few moves whether it is a win, a draw or a loss.

In this tournament, I played a Philidor Hanham formation against whatever the other side threw against me. Though over the years I have done pretty well with the Philidor as a defense to 1. e4, my wholesale strategy of Old Indian looking approaches proved a bit passive.

The last tournament I played in I won against somewhat weaker competition. In this one, I have been competitive,but am not as good as my competition. Though for a bit I was in the doldrums on this tournament, I am inclined to enter another one. The long time controls (10 moves in 50 days) permit one some doldrums without over-stepping the time controls.

The part of the Spring has arrived which drives our dog to distraction. Rabbits and bunnies
invade our back yard. We have to keep Beatrice in at night lest her barking and rabbit-stalking get out of hand. I wish she spoke a few more words of English, so that I could explain how her barking to get out is exasperating.

The air is muggy and cloudy. A storm may arrive today.

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