Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

home again

I was on the road 4 days this week for a business trip, and am very glad to be home for the weekend. Thursday was my wife's birthday. I got her the Nook HD+. She has had the nook reader with Wi-fi and enjoyed it. I had liked the HD tablet's specs and look, but disliked that it had a very non-robust apps set. The Nook folks saw the light, though, and just added the google play store with all its android apps. I knew then what I'd get my wife for her birthday. It went over well.

Tonight we had dinner at Houlihan's in Garland, near my work. My wife grew up in Kansas City, and remembers when the first Houlihan's opened on Country Club Plaza in 1972. We enjoyed the meal there very much.

Tomorrow I am to speak with my sister via google+ hangout. Then I plan to take a long walk in the outdoors. The unseasonably cool Spring melted into a more typical hot Spring. I am adjusting.This is also the barky-dog season for my rabbit-chasing canine friend.

I am about to read the book "Cloud Atlas", having seen the movie and having been given the book to read by a kind friend.
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