Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wavy days

I need a haircut. It's not too long, but it's reached that point when I have to work to keep its wavy nature from going all wild-garden-y. I had a nice video chat with Vuzhmusic, who was trying out skype on his new-ish computer. We also did google+. I think how years ago if someone had told me that free video calls would be available Jetsons-style via VOIP, I would have thought that we would all be on the vid-phone all over the world all the time. For most, it doesn't work that way.

Things are busy now, and a bit mobile. I am avoiding candy dishes assiduously. I like the Spring weather, though it's verging from warm to very warm. My philosophy is to metaphorically bathe in the heat.

I am in a creative mood. Sometimes that means fun things happen next.
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