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Saturday my wife and I rose before 6 a.m. We drove up to Sherman,an hour away. We stopped at McDonald's for oatmeal. Then we drove to Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve, near Pottsboro.

We had signed up for a bird walk as part of their Bird Fest Texoma celebration. Our walk guide was Gailon Brehm, a retired Ph.D. semi-conductor fellow who regularly leads bird walks down in our local area. Gailon combines knowledge of his birds with patience and an understated, friendly demeanor.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by fellows who told us where to park and where to go.
We were met at the registration desk with a packet about the area and clear directions about the meeting room. Folks who organize events who "get" these simple choreography matters impress me.

For the bird walk, Gailon had the group (about a dozen) divide into a few carloads. My wife and I took two birders with us, a nice woman from Wichita Falls, Texas and a nice woman from College Station, Texas. They were both very good birders, whereas my wife and I are just a bit over the line of the low-level of intermediate birders. They kept detailed lists of what we saw. We used our cars to drive by the wetlands and we hiked on the Marsh Pond Trail.We had a lot of fun. The weather started off nippy and then warmed up.

We saw a lot of birds. I did not keep a list, but I know I saw dickcissel, grasshopper sparrow, bobolink, red-winged blackbird, red-headed woodpecker, wild turkey, great-crested flycatcher, tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadee, northern cardinal, Summer tanager, blue-gray gnatcatcher, blue-winged teal, American coot, short-billed dowitcher, mallard duck, northern shoveler, red-shouldered hawk, European starling, brown-headed cowbird, common grackle,
scissortail flycatcher, painted bunting, bald eagle, white pelicans, great blue heron, great egret, little blue heron, turkey vulture, black vulture, eastern bluebird, house sparrow, and
American crow, as well as other birds. The experienced birders counted more than 60, but I suspect my own list would have been short of 40.

The show-stoppers were the painted buntings with their blue, green and red crayon box colors,
the immature bald eagle, suitably majestic, the bright red Summer tanager, the playful blue-gray gnatcatcher and the flock of white pelicans.

I also liked,though,seeing the common prairie songbird the dickcissel perched on all sorts of little perching places in the fields.

dickcissel hagerman may 4, 2013 walk with  Gailon Brehm

After the bird walk, we went to Cheddar's in Sherman. I had the citrus salmon off the "lite" menu.

We drove back to our home in Allen, and, as planned, simply crashed out to relax. We rested until the early evening. We took Bea for a walk in the park. Then we went to Silver Thai restaurant. I had a simple chicken stir fry with oyster garlic sauce. We stopped by velvet spoon for frozen yogurt.

Last night through the cable company we rented a view of the movie "Celeste and Jesse Forever". I enjoyed it,but my wife, still sleepy, fell asleep a short way into it. I then went to and watched an old episode of the Roy Rogers show. I remember watching reruns of this show in my childhood--the original series predates my birth.

I am down to my last two games in my current on-line postal chess tournament. Both are against the same opponent. One is simplifying into a rook and pawn endgame in which I will be one pawn ahead. The other is materially even for now but I am getting clobbered.

This morning I am taking it easy again, as I have a very busy work week ahead.

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