Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

on the road again

Sunday night I flew to a different city on a work matter. I keep a set of Creative Commons netlabel music on a USB stick, so I listened to that as I focused on other matters. On this trip I had no time for lunch-hour stop at a park or outdoors space that I sometimes enjoy.
I did enjoy the Holiday Inn Express. I like its lack of pretension and its simple breakfast choices.

My father went into the hospital again over a solvable matter, so I called him from the road.
I was pleased to hear he was doing better. During my time away from my business meetings, I had
to spend some of my time working on other projects. I usually use the pre-dawn for this.

I did make the time to watch a movie on my pengpod tablet. I rented the movie from the Google Play movies store. The film was "The Mayor of the Sunset Strip". I found the story of Rodney Bingenheimer fascinating, disturbing, puzzling and heart-breaking. The movie captured the
underbelly of celebrity never far from those who try to hover on the boundaries of cool in the corporate entertainment industry. I was struck by the film's relative lack of content about the drug culture. Things change so rapidly now that the 60s and 70s now seem bygone alternate realities. I was pleased that the 7-inch screen worked well for a movie.

I work before 5 a.m. to get a lot of things done. I went to the Internet Archive ( to hunt a public domain screwball comedy. I found the 1932 film "Mr. Boggs Steps Out". I downloaded it in .ogg form. I am becoming very interested in open source video formats.

This morning I took a Super Shuttle to my 9.45 a.m. claim. The shuttle picked me up at 7.55.
We stopped at two places. One place we stopped, a housing complex, had a laughing gull perched by a pond. As we drove over a bridge, a brown pelican flew at eye level.

On the plane to Dallas, I watched the public domain movie I had downloaded from the Internet Archive. I enjoyed it--a modest 67 minute depression-era B movie screwball comedy. I looked up the story of the lead actress, Helen Chandler. I was sad to see her life went downhill with a descent into alcohol and sleeping pill abuse. I liked the movie, though, and was glad I could enjoy the delights of this comedy.

During both airplane flights, I used my Windows computer, but ran the Porteus Linux operating system off the USB stick. Porteus is a version of slackware linux which is designed to run in RAM without being installed. I was impressed that its speed was seamlessly fast. The only thing less than ideal was that the volume on the media software, SMPlayer, did better with
music than video. Otherwise, the experience was great, and the chess program was killer (it killed me, anyway).

I have three on-line postal chess games remaining right now. So far in this tournament, I have 1 draw and 2 losses. In the three that are left, I have a winning endgame in one that might still slip into a draw. I have a losing game in another and am now facing the winning attack.
The third game is roughly even--I may even have a slight advantage after making up for an early blunder.I am staying within the time rules, but I am moving too slowly. I procrastinate choosing the right move.

Tonight I downloaded three movies onto my USB stick and took off the one I watched. I am interested in reading more about open source movie-making. I think that crowd-funding should be used to make Creative Commons movies.

My very busy week resumes tomorrow.

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