Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

pengpod progress

Last night I figured out that my pengpod inexpensive tablet will let me watch cartoons at I watched the one in which Foghorn Leghorn and a dog realize that Daffy Duck is taking advantage of them. I also watched a 1952 film about nature in Spring in a New England pond. I liked this latter one, and think I had seen it before last night.

Today I spent part of my lunch hour at Heritage Park in nearby Sachse. On an overcast day,I saw a nice stand of bluebonnets in bloom. I accidentally stopped at a Chicken Express, which serves only fried chicken, when I meant to stop at Golden Chick, which offers a roasted option. I was reasonably virtuous, though, and dutifully peeled all the breading off the chicken and at only the skinless portions, with some exceptions.

Tonight we ate pizza we got from the take-and-bake place Papa Murphy's. We also watched a bit of the NFL draft show, which was like watching paint dry on a wall in a good, Zen way. Talking sports heads amuse me a bit.

Tonight I figured out how to play movies with Google Play on my pengpod. I watched the first half an hour of an anime film called Ghost in the Shell.

Late night, I sent a few work e mails and then settled down to make a weblog entry.

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