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heard and scene

Early Saturday morning I went on and watched a good bit of "The Secret of Kells". I really like this animated movie. I will finish it later this weekend. I checked to see if my pengpod tablet would allow me to video conference by setting up a google+ hangout and chatting with my brother. It worked like a charm.

Later in the morning my wife and I went to Heard Natural Science Center in Fairview. We walked on the Wood Duck Trail. I liked the leopard frog.

leopard frog heard natural science april 20 2013

We also saw the heron and egret rookery and lots of red-eared slider turtles. We heard lots of cardinals singing.

We ate lunch at Elke's Market Cafe in Allen, where I had a great tuscano chicken soup and
a roast beef sandwich. In the early afternoon, I took Beatrice for a walk in the park. Beatrice is rarely very outgoing with other dogs, but she enjoyed meeting a cocker spaniel who eagerly wanted to say "hello". Beatrice likes people, so she enjoyed having two young boys pet her and say hello.

I liked the mockingbirds I saw during our walk.

mockingbird at glendover park april 20 2013

In the late afternoon, my wife and I went to the movies to see "From Up on Poppy Hills". This anime movie from Japan (dubbed in English) offers a slice of Japan in 1963 as told through the eyes of a teen. We really liked the movie. I wish all anime movies (and maybe all movies) were like that movie.

Almost the moment we got out of the movie, I got a text message from my nephew that he and my brother were about to go play mini-golf. They invited us to join them at Adventure Island. We played a round of mini-golf. I shot 43 in 18 holes, with 3 holes-in-one. My brother shot a 40, to card the best score. He and my nephew have a tradition of taking a photo whenever someone makes a hole in one. When later my brother posted my photos on Facebook, I thought that I should lose weight again and wear shirts a size larger than the shirt I was wearing.

My brother and his son headed home. My wife and I headed to Giovanni's Middle Eastern restaurant. This restaurant offers one Italian menu and one Persian menu. I ordered a spicy chicken kebab with bayberry syrup for my saffron rice. My wife ordered a chicken dish with pomegranite seed sauce. A belly dancer performed, as did a man who did a great Frank Sinatra voice and a woman who somewhat improbably sang Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive" as a crooner song. Our waiter accompanied the belly dancer with a percussion instrument, and then explained that the male and female singer from Russia and were appearing for the first time. A toddler in a high chair bobbed up and down in time with the music.

We came home and rented "The Kids are All Right" from Amazon rental, which we enjoyed.

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