Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

west night

Last night we watched on television as West,Texas burned after a fertilizer factory explosion.
West is about 80 miles from here. I stop there for kolaches when I am heading down I-35. The toll of the disaster is not yet clear, but it is clear it is a terrible disaster. I was grateful that one of the local stations stopped broadcasting reruns to cover the tragedy, even if the repetitious nature of the coverage, as usual, became tiring.

A storm and cold front moved in while we slept. We woke up early to high winds and a rainstorm.
I got up and reviewed the sparse news about West. Then I updated my Linux computer. Fedora uses frequent updates, but fortunately they do not take too long. Unlike Windows updates, I
do not worry that the updates will run the risk of breaking something.

I watched an episode of "McHale's Navy" on I read the wikpedia entry for Joe Flynn,who played Captain Binghamton. I learned that he died young, at age 49. I would not have guessed that.This show went off the air while I was very young,but I used to watch it in reruns when I was a kid. I like that situation comedies last half an hour.

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