Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the need for the benign

Lately I have vivid dreams, which I remember for an instant or two after waking. Then the dreams disappear, popping like soap bubbles, beyond memory. I read the biography of comics character Zonker Harris this morning in Wikipedia. Last night I watched the movie "The Breakfast Club" on television. I read about a crowd-fund for tux on a stick, which delivers a USB with Linux on it for 20 dollars, and realized that I can deliver the same thing for the cost of a USB stick. The funeral of Margaret Thatcher occupied much of the commentary by people I follow on my facebook and on my twitter this morning, with the comments being almost all adverse. Meanwhile, the stark, disturbing facts of the Boston bombings help one remember how much society depends on the vast majority of people being incapable of the monstrosity that the bomber(s) displayed. Today I hope to accomplish a great deal.I am thinking about how to spend my Saturday--perhaps making music with stray sounds and a small software synthesizer.

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