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titmice and puppy

The noontime sky turned a radiant blue. The temperature warmed to a very Spring-like warmth.
During my lunch hour I followed a tufted titmouse through the Breckinridge Park woods.

tufted titmouse, breckinridge park, april 13 2013

tufted titmouse wings flapping april 2013

I also saw an eastern bluebird:

eastern bluebird

After work I went stopped by Timbers Nature Preserve in Murphy, where I saw cardinals,
mockingbirds and sparrows.

Today the US Chess Federation let me know they renewed my tournament director's license through 2017. I was glad I met the experience requirements. I want to run more tournaments.

Tonight I have been trying to install Linux on an old Dell. The system would not install
Lubuntu, saying the kernel did not work. Puppy would install, but I want a permanent install.
Porteus installed, but was imperfect, and again, I want a permanent install. I am about to try
PCLinuxOS. The system has a perfectly good Windows XP install already,so unless I can get a good distro stably installed, I will just leave it with XP.

I'm watching Claudette Colbert war-era movies and taking it easy. My wife went to dinner with a woman with whom she works.

I hope tomorrow the weather remains this great. There were wildflowers everywhere I went--
I saw my first blue-eyed grass of the season today.

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