Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

yellow flowers

I went to Spring Creek Forest Preserve after work. The open spaces were full of those yellow flowers that I want to call goldenrod or mustard but are actually something else, I believe.
Lots of men and boys passed me with fishing gear, all walking to Rowlett Creek to fish for catfish and perhaps drum.

Then I stopped by the local stadium to see the bluebonnets at a local field near Homer Johnson Stadium. This planted area is usually awash in bluebonnets. It was much more sparse this year. I wondered if this was timing, the lack of rains last Fall,or a city decision to cut back on planting

Tonight the Garland Justice of the Peace gave his annual talk at the Garland Bar Association. He did a great job, as ever. I learned a lot about new rules impacting these small-jurisdiction court.

The morning started out chilly, and it was chilly at noon. But tonight it was warm and the stars were out.

I got a new inexpensive eBay laptop in the mail. I plan to install Linux and, if it works out,
to send it to my sister-in-law.
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