Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flitting away

Today I felt good at work. At noon I saw several scissortail flycatchers.

scissortail flycatcher in a field at breckinridge park

My wife has a meeting tonight, so I dined on turkey at Spring Creek Barbecue.

I am on Book 3 of the CD version of the Ga'hoole books. I enjoy these books quite well, because just the right amount happens at a time, and the values are good.

Tonight I edited a very short (3 second) video of a scissortail. The Flickr upload was too slow, so I uploaded it to youtube. I usually treat very short videos as photos, for flickr.
I am becoming used to working with OpenShot Video, the linux freeware for simple video editing.

I am intrigued by how many Android apps toil undiscovered in the fields, unknown as any laborer.

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