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Dawn patrol

This marks two straight days that I arose when my alarm first went off, and then, instead of my usual book and newspaper and raisin bran and computer and 7 a.m. Buffy re-run and sometimes that odd reality dating show that comes on at 5 in the morning but I really only watch because I like the Ladowsky woman who poses as a relationship expert, I actually got up, got showered, got dressed, and went into the office. The silence of the phone is a wonderful sound.

I've always been very good in the very early morning. That's when I can hit the road for cool hikes and productive fishing trips, when I can read a book and remember what I read, when I can write a brief without pausing for worry and writer's block. It's the time when my commute to work shortens by 15 minutes, for want of traffic.
When I am in the mode in which I do this a time or two a week, I wonder why I ever fail to get to work by 6:30 a.m.

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