Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rain, cold, Kaufman

The rain fell today. I grew up in a fairly rainy place in Arkansas. 53 inches fell in the average year. Now we live in a place whose average is 41 inches, but which experiences periodic droughts. When we lived in La Crescenta in California, the rainfall was only 23 inches a year. Though I loved rain when I lived in Arkansas, I perhaps love it more when it is not something I can take for granted.

Today my office went to Eddie's Napoli Italian for a lunch celebration of multiple office birthdays. This place has a very pleasant, warm atmosphere. The day was cold, so the literal warmth was as appealing as the metaphoric warmth. Our IT guy explained what airplanes he flies.People do the most fascinating things.

The killing of two prosecutors in nearby rural Kaufman County has kept me intrigued this week. I think of the disruption of their families' and friends' lives. I also think how this kind of violence against prosecutors must be stopped as soon as possible. I hope that the wrongdoers are found soon.

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