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cloud bridge 500

Sunday night I flew to Ontario, California. During the flight, I read Peter F. Hamilton's
Great North Road. I also used the software gnofract 4 and Pinta to create a fractal image.
I spent Sunday night at the historic Mission Inn in downtown Riverside.

Monday my business wrapped up before noon, The flight I hoped to catch to leave early
turned out to be full. I faced a long wait. With some polite but minimal help from the
information desk, I figured out that a regional park called Cucamong-Guasti stood nearby.
I took an airport bus to a nearby street. Then I walked a mile to the park.

The park featured a nice large pond. On the pond, a white pelican swam. In the non-pond part of the park, I saw black phoebe birds. I also saw lots of American coots foraging in the grass.
I enjoyed my visit.I ate at a Subway sandwich shop next door and then took a cab to the airport. My flight landed back in Dallas at midnight.

During my drive time to and from work,I enjoy listening to the Guardians of Ga'hoole young adult books being read. The second novel is being read to me this week. A well-done reading of a novel out loud makes me happy.

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