Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Highway 34 to Italy

Yesterday at lunch I called my father. He has gone into the hospital to get something remedied. Things look like they will work out fine, but I know the hospital is not as much fun as being at home. My hope is that he will be home Saturday.

This morning I've been watching a show called "New Zealand Journeys" on New Zealand looks like a place I'd enjoy visiting. I've been thinking about revisiting a very different place--one much more easy to achieve than New Zealand. Highway 34 is a rural Texas road that runs from little Honey Grove in Fannin County down to Italy, Texas. I used to drive parts of this highway because I found it a good way to see the "real" north Texas. Now I am inclined to drive the whole road, video camera in hand, and make a little video. We'll see if I can get that done in the next few months.

International copyright restrictions on streaming video are poorly-handled. But then, so much is poorly-handled when it comes to intellectual property rights.

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