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it all flows by

A moving episode during the season premiere of ER, a now-old television show, a rain-swept upset on a football field, the dawn sight of croissants being placed in a microwave, the AAA guy using the little rods to unlock the door when the keys get locked in the car, the checking-in and checking-out reception of a cell phone, the light freeway traffic at 6 in the morning, the ruminative buzz of attorneys in conference, a nosebleed during a pot roast lunch--a sure sign that the weather is changing again, on-line searches through cases handed down 80 years ago, flipping from channel to channel--the thing I watch at 8 is gone to another night this year, petting my dogs, remembering how my dogs drove cross country with me in 2000, remembering how my dogs walked on the rim of the Santa Fe dam in Irwindale, CA only a few months before--I picked them up and toted them when they became exhausted--they never reproached me for failing to estimate the distances and fatigue, giving my dogs water in discarded plastic cups in a park full of people, remembering the smell of fallen leaves on the red box trail in the Angeles National Forest, wondering what it would be like to see January ceanothus bushes, all blue-bloomed, reading about forest fire ravaging the Angeles National Forest, listening to the radio describe New Orleans all asea, a plea bargain by a WorldCom executive, needless politicization of patriotism by the right, news on rampant AIDs in Africa, too many chocolates at work, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, plans made, plans forgotten, deadlines to meet, dreams to pursue, art to make.

It all flows by, this life, it all flows by.

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