Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tuna and mahi mahi

The weather today proved rainy and mildly chilly. My wife and I sent to lunch at Urban Eats in Richardson, where the turkey sandwich and fruit dish was grand. Then we went to White Rock Lake, Dallas' main city park. The lake had lots of birds to see--ring-billed gulls, dozens of American coots grazing on the grassy shores, and white pelicans in town during their Spring migration from northern Mexico/southern Texas to the far northern plains and southern Canada.

We went inside the Bath House Cultural Center. This building was once the changing area for swimmers at White Rock Lake. Now there is no swimming, and the building hosts art and performances.

We saw "Greater Tuna" at 1.30 p.m., done, appropriately enough, by the 1.30 Theater Group.
I am a big fan of the matinee format. We enjoyed the play. The satire is of things and people familiar to any small-town southerner. The small 100-seat theater was nearly entirely full.

After the play, we went to Northhaven Gardens, a nursery that hosted an interesting show of African violets and other gesneriads. I liked the African violet terraria the best.

We went to Rockfish Grill, where I had grilled mahi mahi, boiled new potatoes and mixed steamed vegetables. Then, after we returned home, I took Beatrice for a walk. It was mildly chilly in the best way. I saw the first swallows I've seen this Spring. I also saw this mockingbird:

northern mockingbird, glendover park march 23 2013

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