Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

7 things done

Things accomplished:

1. learned how to make cool images in Gnofract 4 and learned how to edit these images in Pinta.

2. learned how to make music with the Linux program Din is Noise, which holds tremendous promise for me to be able to both create cool recorded music and to perform music live.

3. successfully installed the Windows music programs Slicer and Sawcutter 2.0 into my Linux computer using the WINE program. This means my whole plan to switch to Linux as a hedge against all my favorite software being [possibly and perhaps probably] incompatible with Windows 8 will work. So far I have not gotten Slicer "into" the WINE program, but I can run it in the folder to which I downloaded it. I have not gotten Tunafish to install in WINE at all, but things are going gangbusters.

4. finished the 5.5 hour book on CD about James Herriott's early life. Stopped by Half-Priced Books and picked up four 6-CD sets of The Guardian of Ga'Hoole books. Book one is a good listen so far--amazing how even a tween book about talking owls can hold my attention.

5. Made reservations for two tickets to Greater Tuna. Greater Tuna is a bit of a Texas thing, a two-person show about the residents of Tuna, Texas. The original authors/cast have retired from the role, but this production has gotten great reviews. We will go this afternoon to the Bath House Cultural Center on White Rock Lake to see it. I got literally the last two seats for the last performance, from a theater company that wisely puts on every performance at 1.30 p.m.

6. My wife and I stayed in on Friday night, just resting and enjoying the evening.

7. I began figuring out MuseScore, a free Linux alternative to Sibelius. It's easy to use as a transcription device, but I must figure out how to create my own SoundFonts so that I can expand from the canned MIDI library. I love general MIDI, but I like to make new sounds.

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