Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


This evening I drove home through semi-rural semi-suburban side streets. As I drove slowly along, a hot air balloon was in mid-air, hovering. Two people were inside the balloon. I took its picture.

I learned today that ALAC, an audio format called Apple Lossless, became open source. I listened to the CDs about veterinary science in Scotland. The first woman to become a vet in Scotland faced massive discrimination and obstacles until she finally won her license. I thought about how pencillin was only a common cure for anything until after 1928.

I walked in the park at Noon. I saw a kestrel and song sparrows. The weather was warm. A cold front is coming. Amazon Instant Video is not working on Firefox on my Linux machine. I spent time with reps from Amazon to fix it, but it appears to be a bug at Amazon's end.The second rep I dealt with put in a ticket, which is all I could really ask.

I watched a TV program that reached the conclusion that the need to believe is hard-wired. I thought this sounded right. I began to watch a film on Youtube about urban British birds. We cemented plans to visit Arkansas next month.

I am daydreaming of paddling a canoe in Bonham State Park soon.

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