Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

marsupials of the world

This morning before church I walked in Glendover Park. Lots of birds were in action. The ones that captured my attention were the mockingbirds. Many of them were involved in aerial clashes over territory. One male stood on a fence near me and sang. I took a video of him.

I then went to church at Living Life Church, the new Methodist church which is an organized spin-off of the church to which I belong. The sermon was on 2 Timothy 10 through 17. I noticed that I did not mind that "Amazing Grace" was played to an alternate melody. This was a nice remix. I did mind that "grace rain down on me" lyrics were engrafted into the song
over a Tin Pan Alley break. These things are matters of taste.

The pastor exhorted us to study the Bible more. I resolved to study lots of good books more, including but definitely not limited to the Bible. I thought how many books I should read are in the public domain,and that I could download them for my e-reader.

I stopped by half-priced books just before lunch. I finished John Bowden's "A Chronology of World Christianity". I do not travel day-to-day with my e-reader, so I kept this book in my car and took it with me when I ate lunch out. I would cover 5 or 10 pages a day but not read every day. I liked the "nibble at a time" approach of that reading project, so I wanted to get a new used book. I settled on a book called Walker's Marsupials of the World. I also picked up a book about James Herriott's life on CD, and a book about Red Hat Linux.

In the afternoon, I tried to edit the 25 seconds I shot of shaky birdsong into 10 seconds of video. I wanted to try this simple video edit on my Linux computer. I had downloaded Pitivi Video Editor,but it did not recognize the codecs for mp4. I tried to use the Youtube video editor, but it is less easy to use than it used to be. I went to the Chrome Store and added a chrome app called WeVideo.This app was very easy to use, with video tutorials at each step.
The "free" service required one to choose a video size of 480 and to accept a WeVideo watermark. Still, I was able to get the video edited and posted it on flickr.

I resolved to learn a Linux program after being dissatisfied with the limitations of the WeVideo. I downloaded OpenShot Video Editor. I then re-did the film edit, and was happy with the result. OpenShot is almost easy to use as Windows Movie Maker, and it does not require video conversion to read MP4 video. I felt good that I now have video creation solved in Linux. Now I must work on music-making.

I took Beatrice for a walk. She said "hi" to her only canine friend, a Shih Tzu. Today the Shih Tzu seemed a bit intimidated, but they did exchange greetings. Bea was also intrigued by a white terrier, but did not speak to him.

Tonight I started to watch the 1935 "Scrooge" on, but though the cast was very good, it lost me when it omitted the ghost of Christmas Present. Then I found a episode of an Australian naval drama called Sea Patrol. I enjoyed this bit of formulaic crime-solving and its star, Lisa McCune.

We dined on tortilla soup and now are watching a home-shopping show.

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