Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

16 GB of rushing waters

This morning I went to church at First UMC. The church sermon was on thrift, and was well done.I determined not to mind the tie-in with an AM-radio-thrift-show. Tolerance is a virtue I intend to follow, and thus I decided not to be annoyed. After all, tolerance is not tolerance if tolerance means that one says that people can believe what they like so long as it is not a different marketing scheme than the kind I would pursue..

I listened to the garden show on AM radio. I was tempted to subscribe to the Texas Gardening magazine because it came with a poster featuring all 100-some-odd varieties of crape myrtle tree.

After church, I ate chicken and broccoli from Dragon Deli. I did a lot of laundry today.
In the early morning I watched a video about Glacier National Park. We are deciding between Glacier National Park and Kauai for this year's main vacation.

I walked at Oak Point Park, though my walk was short because it was windy and chilly. Rowlett Creek had a bit of mild rapids, which reminded me of Colorado, only in miniature.
I also got a 16 GB thumb drive and began downloading netlabel mp3s and .oggs onto the
drive. I like that my favorite music is free and legal to share. I also bought a few new albums on bandcamp.

We watched a great 60 Minutes article about the Segrada Familia tonight in Spain. I've always admired Gaudi's work. We watched the movie The Birdcage tonight, and now I am watching the Sundowners. I may go read my sci-fi in a moment.

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