Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the day before the deluge

I got up early this morning and drove an hour north toward Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve. On the way up, I stopped by Herman Baker Park in Sherman. This park has an 80 acre lake called Pickens Lake. A wooded trail surrounds the lake. A huge flock of redhead duck was on the lake. A great blue heron was on the shore. I walked in dark, pre-storm weather.
Then I went into the town of Pottsboro and got a cinnamon roll at a doughnut shop. I turned back the fellow at the counter's effort to sell me two.

At Hagerman NWR, the roads were open but the trails were closed. This weekend is feral hog hunt season. I have mixed feelings about hunts in a wildlife reserve, as I recognize that feral hogs do not belong in the reserve. The ponds were way down, but I still saw northern shoveler ducks. Bare branches featured red-winged blackbirds.

The visitor center had a lecture today called "Birds of Hawaii". Austin College biology professor Steve Goldsmith described his January semester classes in Hawaii (synopsis: lots of hiking and nature). He described his research into longhorn beetle larvae (synopsis: reforestation efforts help increase the numbers of this food resource for a local endangered bird). He showed us the native birds of Hawaii, doing an impressive job with the Hawaiian pronunciations (not that I would have been able to detect errors in any event).

I have visited Maui and the big island of Hawaii, but not Kauai. We will probably visit Kauai next. It looks like my kind of place.

I drove home a long way around. I thought I saw a bald eagle in flight just outside the reserve, but I am not sufficiently sure to make an "official ID". I arrived home at 1.
I tried to photo edit a collage to make into a letter but did not yet succeed. I will try again tomorrow. I listened to music as I worked by fine netlabel artists.

My wife and I took Beatrice for a walk at 4 or so. The weather was a bit drizzly. We saw a mockingbird.

mockingbird glendover park march 9 2013 afternoon

I fell asleep at around 5 p.m. and slept until 8. Then we went to Market Street, where my wife had a salad and I had baked chicken with greens. By the time we picked up a little milk and raisin bran for tomorrow, a torrential rain had begun outside. I went and got my wife's car, pulled it up to the store, and we made it home without much wetness.

My wife watched "Beasts of the Southern Wild", which I had seen before. I watched a video comparing Ubuntu 12.10 with Windows 7 and the movie simultaneously. I really liked "Beasts of the Southern Wild", which is the kind of small, intricate wise movie-making I really enjoy.

Tonight we Spring forward. I am a bit tired, but not so tired as to fall back.

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