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Yesterday the temperature hit the high 70s. Last night a cold front moved in. The wind howled.
This morning it is windy and the temperature is in the 40s. I fell asleep last night at 9:30 p.m.. Though I awoke again at 1 a.m., I soon fell back asleep. I am reading my current sci-fi a few pages at a time. I find that e-readers make me a more regular reader, but one who reads fewer pages per session.

My on-line postal chess games are not going very well. I am fairly well-matched with my opponents, but in general they are all a bit better than I am. This is a contrast with the last tournament I played on-line, when I was the best. They say you learn more from playing your betters, and I suppose it's true. But some days education seems to involve a lot of

I watched some videos by in Rochester, NY. One video featured an injured raptor rescue. I like film-makers who make short films about very local things, whether a small business or a non-profit or a destination in nature. I want to try my hand at that kind of video making.

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