Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

desert and mountain and suburb


Today I watched most of a video about the desert I checked out at the public library. I had had some trepidation when its case advertised a "music score featuring evocative Native American music" and "inspiring" texts by "Native American Wisdom Keepers". I love Native American influenced flute music, and there are many texts by Native American thinkers I like to read. The combination, though, reads to me like "New Age Appropriation". The video, though,features good music and modest quantities of useful words. I love to watch scenes of the desert--particularly Winter scenes.

I created a design on kturtle, a graphics program using simple Logo programming commands.
I like that the pencolor command comes with RGB sliders on a graphical display. That is easier than memorizing the 256 scale configurations.

This morning I walked a path I had originally done only by bicycle. I walked the path this time,near my house. In an hour, I saw lots of birds. One ruby-throated kingbird hopped about not 10 feet from me, but eluded my camera. I liked the Carolina chickadee, the American goldfinch, and a very melodic house finch.

This afternoon we went to the movie "56 Up". This is the British documentary series which has followed a set of UK kids from different background every 7 years since they were 7. They are 2 or 3 years older than I am. It's always interesting to see the films and learn what happened in the kids' lives. Seeing them age makes me feel a little older. We liked the film the best of the series. I do not find the series all that revelatory in the "political" sense, but I like checking in with the characters. I admired this round that Apted edited in the critiques from the participants about his prior editing. I wonder if the series will go on when Mr. Apted can no longer go on.

Tonight I watched a great documentary about climbing Kilimanjaro on It was great--how ordinary people climb it. The visuals were stunning.

A busy month looms ahead. I am ready to meet it.

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