Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

winter robins

I like Breckinridge Park, Parking Lot C, on a late Friday afternoon. Around 5.30 p.m., winter robins congregate there. They hunt for food and pass from ground to tree, tree to ground. Robins are year-round birds here,but their numbers are augmented by winter migrants. They travel in foraging flocks. I never get good pictures of them. I like to see them, all colorful as the afternoon sun turns colors and then fades.

I received huge London fog umbrellas in the mail. I also got a 7 minute video of Crater Lake on DVD in the mail.I paid too much on eBay (99 cents plus 3 dollars shipping) because I did not know the video was only 7 minutes long. But it is a fine video about a place I'd like to visit. I'd love to make short documentary videos about places, particularly natural places.

All my Chrome apps just activated on my Linux computer. I feel fully-featured.

I had a great talk with my dad tonight. My wife and I need to plan a trip to Arkansas.

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