Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sans Size

Last night I went to J.C. Penney's to shop for suits. I like the Penney's in the Collin Creek Mall. In the past, when I went there, the men's department featured men and women in suits who fitted one's suit to one. I was interested to see if Penney's many recent changes would affect the suit department. Penney's has had a lot of sales loss through a failed effort to switch its fun 'sale' oriented approach to the more boring "everyday pricing". They went back to a sale format, and also launched a set of new, hip commercials.

The men's department had completely changed. The salespeople in suits were gone--different salespeople in jeans staffed the department. Suits per se were gone--instead a huge inventory of suited separates took their place. I overcame a prejudice against suited separates some years ago, when a J.C. Penney employee in Santa Anita, California helped me with suited separates after an airline misplaced my luggage.

I saw lots of suited separates that were in good designs, as well as a few of the odd checks and colors that perhaps only insurance salespeople wear. Yet almost everything was sized for people much more svelte than I am. This puzzled me,because in the past, they always had lots of things in my size. I know that boring, middle-aged and middle-aged-sized men like me buy most suits. But the suited separates seemed to aim at a much smaller,thinner man. I'll bet those suited separates go to the best parties.

Thanks for a salesperson named Becky (who had apparently been at the store for 2 weeks), I found a single suit,which was extraordinarily affordable. I then went home to go to Penney's site to order more of the designs I liked on-line. My first try failed when the pants for the suit were on back order. I considered this ridiculous in a major corporation in February.
I was unimpressed, and filled out a customer survey to tell the good (Becky) and the less good (nothing in my sizes).

I will go back, of course--I've been a customer for years. But I wonder if an era of graceful
suit shopping there is over, as inexorably as it ended at Sears years ago. I stopped going to "men's suit stores" years ago, finding that suits sufficiently conservative and durable could be found at major department stores. But now I may rethink.

In the good news department, I got Chrome to install in Fedora. I did nothing special. It just worked this time. I think that google did something to make it enter the repository more simply. At any rate, I now have chrome. All my Chrome apps are not showing up,but that's a very solvable matter.

I have a DVD of His Girl Friday and I know how to use it.

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