Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Planets and Post-Dorrit

I finished "Little Dorrit", and soon I am going to download a novel or two from an English mystery series. I liked "Little Dorrit" very well. I had read most or all of it before, but it seemed fresher to me this time. The story seems very contemporary in the post-Madoff era.

Yesterday I went to Bethany Lakes Park and to Glendover Park. I took Beatrice for a walk in Glendover Park. I saw lots of yellow-rumped warblers at Bethany Lakes Park.

I went to the Allen Performing Arts Center (translation: the really fancy high school auditorium) to see the Allen Philharmonic play a space-themed concert. I enjoyed it--
a "Star Wars" medley,the "Wall-E" theme,the initial fanfare from "Thus Sprake Zarathustra" (a/k/a the "2001" theme) and Holst's "The Planets". I like how "Jupiter", the final planet piece, the most familiar melody is both every TV commercial and soundtrack one has heard as well as a famous hymn. I was intrigued that the hymn in the program notes is a different hymn to the Holst piece than the one I know. The local group did a great job. I like
this kind of community music presentation.

My father sent me some interesting autobiographical essays. I like that it's a tradition in my family for folks to record their own history. My own weblog is now 11 years old.
I like to read my father's stories because they tell me little things I did not know about family things prior to my birth.

I stopped by the Allen Public Library to search out a DVD. I checked out a hummingbird DVD.
I had to get a new library card because my card was no longer in the system.This was odd to me,because it has not been that long since I checked something out. But the process was painless. I really liked the = DVD,which I returned today.

Tonight the weather is turning cold. We may even get a little snow. None of it is supposed to stick. A blizzard is falling northwest of us. I won an eBay auction today for a video about Crater Lake.The price seemed great---99 cents plus 3 dollars in shipping. Then I looked up the video--its only 7 minutes long. I suppose even DVDs require some due diligence.

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