Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a chit-chat of chickadees

Thursday I watched Carolina chickadees at Breckinridge Park during my lunch hour and just after work.
I was pleased to have the chance to do so, because the morning began with a heavy rain falling. The evening chickadees traveled in little flocks (a chicory of chickadees, perhaps? I saw one internet wag who called a chickadee flock a "W.C. Fields of chickadees"). They do not pose well for pictures, but sometimes a pecan or hickory nut attracts one sufficiently to permit the camera to do its work.

Thursday night I went to the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program at the Salvation Army in Garland. Six volunteers did intake for 48 clients, so it was a busy evening. I missed this week's episode of "Elementary", one of my favorite current television shows. I will watch it on DVR. I am eager for a productive day today, leading into the prospect of a restful weekend.

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