Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

nature video

I fulfilled a fantasy last night. I imagined that a plane ride would be enlivened if could watch nature videos on VLC, a program installed on my Linux laptop. My first try, on a trip to Tucson, failed. The instruction "open Disc" drew the response "cannot open dvd/dev". I read up a bit when I got home, and reconfigured the drive to open to "dvd/sr0". It worked like a charm. Monday I got out my computer at the beginning of a flight to Los Angeles. The battery was dead. Last night, though, I fired up the disc, and the disc played. It was like being lost in a nature video while the plane rumbles rolled in the background. That was no simile, though, because it was like that because it was that.

I watched a DVD of a National Geographic documentary from the 1970s about the "great whales. I loved it. I got it at Half-Priced Books as part of a multi-DVD set called "Blue Ocean". I liked to learn about the whales. I also liked the hairstyles, the outfits and the science-on-the-make optimism of all concerned. The scenes of whale-hunting were deeply sad. The stories of early Greenpeace activism made me understand their perspective better than I had before. I do not believe that the intelligent mammals like whales, dolphins and great apes should be "harvested" under any circumstances.

The plane went through a storm, and the turbulence was palpable. Transportation was odd for me all day. My rental car had a dead battery. I had to take a cab to and from my morning matter in downtown Los Angeles. I ran out of gas on the way home from the airport. The nice fellow AAA sent could not find me and I had to wait two hours. I got hom at 2 a.m.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy.

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